What We Do:


Architectural Insights provides design and planning services across a broad range of project types.  Our portfolio includes many health related, commercial, civic, and residential projects.  For an abbreviated portfolio by project type, please select one of the links below for additional information.


Architectural Insights has established a presence in the healthcare industry with projects occurring throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut with many institutions. We have also worked under different design capacities, adjusting our role to what the project warranted and the best for the institution; inclusive of navigating Massachusetts Department of Public Health and The Joint Commission requirements and documentation. We remain flexible in our design approach so that we may work with the institution to determine which may be the best suited method for each project at hand.


Designing a broad range of environments responsive to the healthcare provider's expectations, Architectural Insights aids in the procedural delivery within a context. This heightened element of care and consideration enhances patient care and personhood.

Country Bank Branch - Wilbraham, MA

Creating work environments supporting operational efficiencies and professional corporate images is the goal of Architectural Insights. The office has addressed the needs of traditional and contemporary business operations for headquarter and satellite facilities, with the investigation of technologies. Architectural Insights has been engaged as an active resource during spatial programming, through selections of finishes, furnishings and equipment.

Architectural Insights provides a range of services addressing full design to coordination of equipment with suppliers for new, expanding, and renovated facilities. We have guided private general practices, group practices, specialty practices, and educational / institutional clinics.
Residence - Sturbridge, MA


Private and multi-family residential projects are embraced with an appreciation of creating a home in a contextual setting. The combination of client wishes and expectations are sensitively, combined with siting constraints and appreciation of design opportunities. New construction, renovations, and additions are given the full support of the staff at Architectural Insights, as we partner with the homeowner or developer to create a successful sense of place.


Architectural Insights' project experience includes governmental agencies, including local and state municipalities, as well as the Federal Government for a variety of Veterans Administration projects.